Friday, September 12, 2008


I have had an incredibly taxing week and as Friday night draws to a close there is an epiphany; night time Kat ALWAYS fucks daytime Kat I type this, Night time Kat reaches for the last cigarette in the package (leaving daytime Kat running to the Sev first thing tomorrow morning.) Night time Kat is thinking another drink is in order now...we have to blog then sleep don't we? Daytime Kat has things to do tomorrow. She needs to take the dogs to the dog park to run off some of their pent up energy from their neglect this week. Daytime Kat has to do Yoga to work out some of her pent up energy from this week. Daytime Kat has errands, chores and work to do. It is like Godzilla vs. Mothra. Worthy opponents with evenly matched strengths, the weaknesses being their ultimate downfall. At a crossroads now. The ultimate direction of my life determined by the outcome of this battle. Who shall win? Kathra needs money to prevail, think that may be the achelles heel on that monster.

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